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Duration of access:
12 months

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12 hours

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About the Course

The PRINCE2 Foundation online course gives learners a solid understanding of the key concepts and principles of the methodology. Importantly, it focuses on the practical application of the approach throughout the lifecycle of a PRINCE2 project. 

PRINCE2 breaks projects down into more manageable and controlled stages. This provides a greater level of flexibility, while also keeping the project aligned with the all-important ‘Business Case’. 

The Foundation-level course introduces PRINCE2’s Principles, Themes, and Processes. Learners are guided through examples of their effective application in a project environment. Passing the Foundation level exam is a prerequisite for taking the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification exam.

Course Outline

An Introduction to this PRINCE2 Course

This module offers a welcome to the course, along with a navigational video and course breakdown. It is a general introduction to the course and to PRINCE2 in general. The benefits of studying and applying PRINCE2 are also covered. 

Module 1: Introduction to PRINCE2 Foundation
This module focuses on the features and benefits of PRINCE2. It covers the integrated elements of PRINCE2, including Principles, Themes, and Processes. 

Module 2: The Key Concepts of PRINCE2
This module explores the core concepts of PRINCE2. It covers the definitions and characteristics of a ‘project’, as well as the six aspects of project performance that should be managed. The supplier and customer contexts of a commercial project are also examined, along with what makes a project a PRINCE2 project. 

Module 3: PRINCE2 Principles
This module examines the seven Principles of PRINCE2, including Continued Business Justification, Manage By Stages, and Focus on Products. The purpose of each principle is also described. 

Module 4: Processes (Introduction to Processes and Journey Stages)
This module explores the seven Processes of PRINCE2, covering the purpose, objectives, and context of each Process in turn. These include Starting up a Project, Controlling a Stage, and Closing a Project.

Module 5: PRINCE2 Themes
This module examines the Themes of PRINCE2 and how they should be applied during a project. The Themes include:

  • Business Case: the purpose of the Business Case, the minimum requirements for the Business Case in PRINCE2, and key concepts relating to business justification 
  • Organization: the purpose of the Organization Theme, as well as the communications management approach. The roles and responsibilities of this theme are detailed, including those of project boards and executives. The key concepts of Organization are also covered, including stakeholder and project Interests
  • Quality: the purpose and contents of the Quality Theme, including the product description and quality register. The key concepts of Quality are covered, including the project plan, stage plan, and exception plan. The module also covers the recommended approaches for planning, defining, and analyzing products
  • Risk: the purpose, contents, and minimum requirements for the Risk Theme. The PRINCE2 Risk Management procedure is covered, along with the risk budget, risk management approach, and risk register. The key concepts of Risk, including owners, probability and impact, are all explored
  • Change: the purpose of the Change Theme, including change budget, change control approach, and issue report. The types of issues associated with Change are also covered, along with issue and change control procedures 
  • Progress: the purpose of the Progress Theme, including the daily log, lessons log, and exception report. The key concepts relating to Progress are covered, including event-driven and time-driven controls 

Module 6: Tailoring
This module explores the practice of Tailoring, including an examination of which aspects of a project can be tailored and who is responsible for doing so. 

Practice Exam Simulators

Learners are invited to put their skills to the test using simulations of the official PRINCE2 6th Edition Foundation exam. The rationale for correct answers is provided, along with explanations of how they relate to the course content. 


  • Demonstrate sufficient understanding of the methodology
  • Multiple choice
  • 60 questions
  • One hour
  • Pass mark is 55% or 33/60
  • Closed book
  • Online proctored exam/Approved test center (Pearson Vue/Prometric)

Benefits for Individuals

PRINCE2 is ideal for professionals who wish to establish or advance a career in project management. PRINCE2-certified managers often enjoy higher salaries and greater opportunities than peers who lack formal management qualifications. 

Employees in any number of project roles can benefit from the course, including: 

  • Project Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Project Administrator
  • Project Analysts
  • Project Support Officers

Benefits for Organizations

The PRINCE2 methodology helps businesses to ensure that all employees are in consensus. PRINCE2-certified project teams work towards a common goal, with strictly-defined roles and responsibilities. 

Training staff in the PRINCE2 methodology also helps businesses to:

  • Efficiently prioritize projects
  • Keep projects within budget
  • Mitigate risks
  • Save time
  • Maximize ROIs

This course is delivered by Good e-Learning who are the accredited training provider.

Key Features

Duration of access:
12 months

Training hours:
12 hours

Accredited by:

Certification of completion

Free Exam Voucher



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