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Key Features

Duration of access:
12 months

Training hours:
9 hours

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Good e-Learning

About the Course

Though the course is relevant for managers across different industries, including IT and service, it is particularly valuable for the manufacturing and engineering sectors.

The course introduces the ISO 18404:2015 standard and provides insight into why the standard was developed, what it provides and how organizations can benefit from related certifications.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Lean, Six Sigma and ISO18404
  • Module 3: Requirements and Certification Process
  • Module 4: Implementing the Standard Within the Organization
  • Module 5: Getting Started

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This is an introductory course that aims to provide professionals with an overview of the use of the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, the need for standardization and the role of ISO18404. Although there is no formal examination or assessment, professionals will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course successfully.

Benefits for Individuals

Completing this training course can help professionals demonstrate solid knowledge of why the ISO 18404:2015 standard was developed, as well as the competencies that personnel must possess in order to effectively implement Six Sigma and Lean.

Benefits for Organizations

This relatively new international standard sets out separate competency requirements for Lean and Six Sigma implementation, along with a combined competency framework for ‘Lean & Six Sigma’. In doing so, it focuses on the skills and competencies required to actually deliver benefits to organizations, rather than the education levels typically required for related roles.

This online training course highlights the importance of Lean and Six Sigma and the role that ISO 18404:2015 plays for both individual practitioners and organizations. It shows students how to implement the standard within an organization and explains the process of getting certified.

This course is delivered by Good e-Learning who are the accredited training provider.

Key Features

Duration of access:
12 months

Training hours:
9 hours

Accredited by:

Training delivered by:
Good e-Learning



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