Orbus Software Partner Alliance

Orbus partner with major IT management consultancies and specialist regional service providers worldwide


The Orbus Software Partner Alliance represents major IT management consultancies as well as regional providers of specialist consultancy across our six core market segments. Our Partner Alliance program is built to sustain a strong ecosystem of diverse partners across all markets and is designed to align the way we engage and execute business with both new and existing partners. 


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The Orbus Software Partner Alliance program aims to expand our offerings into new markets and contribute to improved customer success and satisfaction worldwide.

We have a range of partnership classifications to choose from, whether you’re looking to refer existing clients, use our software to support your existing client engagements or integrate your technologies with our products to build new and innovative solutions.

Depending on your classification, you will be enrolled on a development and accreditation program consisting of a number of levels. Your dedicated Partner Alliance account manager will work alongside you to produce a success and development plan to ensure a compatible skillset, and overall partnership success.

Types of Partner

The Partner Alliance program offers a range of partnership options to choose from:

Business Development

Generate additional revenue from introductions of clients to Orbus Software. These introductions may be through business development activity of your own or as part of joint sales and marketing initiatives with Orbus Software.

Partners can choose to invest in our products and solutions, and will be required to invest in sales training and dedicated personnel.

  • Benefits
  • Generate additional sales revenue
  • Tool access at a competitive price (optional)
  • Access to training resources and sales and marketing materials


Simplify your client engagements by using Orbus Software’s products and solutions internally, and produce deliverables packaged around your customized frameworks and methodologies.

Optional revenue can also be generated from successful client introductions and delivery of professional services and support to Orbus Software customers.

Partners must invest in our products and solutions and will be required to invest in sales training and dedicated personnel. Partners interested in delivering professional services must also have a fully trained capability in-house.

  • Benefits
  • Use iServer to support your client engagements
  • iServer’s preconfigured environment contains all standard information such as the architecture framework, processes, and Microsoft Office documents and model deliverables to fast-track start-up on new architecture engagements
  • Generate additional revenue from client engagements
  • Access to training resources and sales and marketing materials


Extend your capabilities and market presence by providing technical integration between your technology and iServer to generate innovative solutions.

Orbus Software will work closely with you through the design, specification and development of new solutions.

You will have full access to training resources and eLearning to ensure you have everything you need to know about how iServer works and its suitability.

  • Benefits
  • Use the iServer collaborative platform and flexible interface as a foundation
  • Generate additional revenue
  • Create further value to your customers
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