iServer HTML Publisher - Enhance Your Publishing Capability

iServer HTML Publisher enables seamless communication with the business. Users can produce a snapshot publication of repository content in HTML format, increasing the visibility of content and enhancing collaboration across the enterprise. iServer HTML Publisher offers full cross-platform support including phones, tablets, and desktops, so anyone in the organization can be reached whether in the office or on the move. 

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Generate HTML Websites

iServer HTML Publisher creates interactive websites by publishing architecture process diagrams and documentation to HTML. It features the wizard-driven generation of publication that instantly produces snapshots of repository content. This enhances the visibility repository content across your organization, increasing collaboration and stakeholder buy-in.

Publish Directly to a SharePoint Location

iServer HTML Publisher allows you to publish directly to a SharePoint location, webserver or disk, effectively integrating with your content management system, significantly increasing the number of business users who can review process and architecture models.

Mobile Friendly Publications

Colleagues who travel regularly or work offsite cannot always access the models and documents they need, preventing them from completing work or sign off, potentially delaying project delivery. iServer HTML Publisher comes with cross-platform support for mobile, tablet and desktop devices, meaning you can access the entire iServer repository on the move.

Browse Diagrams Online

iServer HTML Publisher allows your team to publish any iServer repository content, such as process, application or project diagrams, to create integrated HTML websites. No additional training or software is required which means anybody can use it. Publications are also picture driven, so it is easy to communicate information to a business audience who may not necessarily have architecture experience.

Feedback and Commenting Tools

iServer HTML Publisher allows you to capture stakeholder feedback on published diagrams, reducing the time and effort required to collate feedback and enabling continuous improvement for the business.

Search Documentation

There is a huge amount of published information which means it takes time for users to find the process information they are looking for. Within iServer HTML Publisher you are able to search the published content, allowing users to quickly locate published process or architecture content.

Customize Publications

If you have the need to use corporate branding on your intranet pages, you can customize the publication including home pages, branding, video, and supporting materials. This retains the look and feel of the company intranet, meaning users are focusing on the information at hand and not the presentation.

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