What is Live Documents?

Creating key documentation and project deliverables for stakeholders takes a long time. And then you have the arduous task keeping the documents up to date with the latest repository content. With iServer Live Documents, users can bypass this manual process, generating live and dynamic documents straight from the repository in a fraction of the time.

Features of Live Documents

Reduced Manual Effort

Architects and business analysts waste a huge amount of time building architecture and business process documentation, manually copying and pasting diagrams into Microsoft Word documents. And then even more time is spent keeping these documents up to date. This manual process of copying and pasting Visio diagrams and tables into Microsoft Word uses valuable time that could be better applied elsewhere. iServer Live Documents enables teams to build reusable templates, saving a huge amount of time and manual effort as users are able to instantly generate project documentation.

Increased Accuracy and Consistency

Different teams working independently often create documentation with different formats and structure across the business. iServer Live Documents enables organizations to set governance around document creation. This reduces the risk of different teams who are working independently, and creating documentation in different formats and structures across the business. It also reduces inconsistent documentation across the organization, inaccuracy and confusion among teams.

Extend and Enhance Existing Templates

Many organizations already have existing templates for documentation that are familiar to its users. iServer Live Documents provides the ability to reuse and extend any existing documentation templates, including branding. This leads to better adoption from consumers of such documentation.

Manage Unwanted Changes

A lack of governance in the production of documentation and deliverables can waste valuable time and resources when errors are identified. iServer Live Documents supports document versioning, audit trails and rollback of repository content. This enables governed documentation within the organization in order to manage and limit unwanted changes and enforce control over repository content.

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Rapid implementation, flexibility, ease of use led to agile approach to arch & strategy

2 weeks after training, we had our meta-model built, converted 20 pre-existing Visio strategy maps into iServer Visio diagrams with objects and relationships in the repository, and were importing and exporting data via Excel for those object's attributes.

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