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iServer Portal is a valuable communication module that allows architects to make repository content available in HTML 5 format through a dynamic, business-friendly and web-based portal. Using Portal, users can communicate iServer content to the wider business via a platform that is easy to use and accessible from any internet browser. The module also makes it possible to limit visibility based on permissions and approval status of content, as well as set custom landing pages for different user groups. Additionally, because repository content is converted into HTML 5 and published as a webpage, it can be accessed from anywhere, by an unlimited number of business users, who also benefit from cross-platform support.  Here are some of its main features

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Key Features of iServer Portal

  • Unlimited access to published repository content
  • Automatic publication of content online
  • Role-based access
  • Extensive feedback tools
  • Enables detailed analysis
  • Integration with Active Directory

Unlimited Access to Repository Content

iServer Portal allows teams to share the latest repository content online with the rest of the organization. Business users can browse, review and search for diagrams and documentation using their preferred web-browser. They can also drive continuous improvement by posting their comments and feedback in real time. Lastly, because Portal access is not licensed per user, but rather as a one-time purchase, an unlimited number of business users may access it at no extra cost.

Automatic Publication of Content Online

iServer Portal enables up to the minute access to live, read-only repository information for business users, such as project teams, consultants, technical support, operations. Therefore, any information published online is always maintained up to date without requiring any manual effort. The dynamic nature of the information in Portal enables architects to move beyond unproductive maintenance tasks and focus on actually important things – identifying opportunities for cost optimizations, ensuring informed decision making is taking place, and helping the organization drive more value from its resources.

Role-Based Access

iServer Portal allows system administrators to set in place role-based access for the different user groups. This makes it possible to tailor content to each individual or group of stakeholders by limiting permissions and making certain they are granted access only to information that is relevant to them. Portal also supports building custom entry points for different teams, which makes for simple, picture-driven navigation through any published content.

Extensive Feedback Ability

Business users are able to comment on artifacts in real time while using Portal. Feedback is then circulated via email and captured within an issue management system. From here, tasks can easily be assigned to content editors. Users can identify issues or inaccuracies within diagrams, log change requests or assign specific tasks to specific users, but also post a simple comment or question against a diagram, for instance. This increases cooperation within the enterprise, which helps to accelerate conflict resolution, streamline operations and drive more value for the organization.

Detailed Analysis

When navigating though content via iServer Portal, users have access to the details and relationships of specific artifacts. Any of these objects (applications, technologies, processes etc.) can then be subjected to the Impact Analysis Visualization tool in order to identify different impact analysis trails. Take an application, for instance – users can quickly see how retiring it would influence other business processes and capabilities further down the road. This level of agility without having to be present where iServer is actually deployed.

Integration with Active Directory

Active Directory is a directory service that Microsoft developed for Windows domain networks. iServer Portal integrates with Active Directory, which means users can use their existing logins to access content. This ensures easy access to the product.

Read more about iServer’s full range of communication, reporting and publication tools.

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