What is Portal?

iServer Portal allows your team to share the latest repository content with the rest of the organization via an online portal. An unlimited number of business users can browse, review and search for diagrams and documentation using a web-browser, posting their comments and feedback to drive improvement.

Features of Portal

Intuitive Visibility into In-Depth Details

Users of business processes or enterprise architecture content often want to be able to see additional or in-depth details, attributes and relationships between diagrams and documentation published. This is so they can identify dependencies and understand the impact of changes so they can comment accurately. iServer Portal allows users to views levels of details including relationships of specific applications, technologies, processes and other objects and also navigate through impact analysis trails. This enables the business to quickly respond to questions and business situations such as “what business services are impacted if this application is retired?”

Capture Real-Time Feedback

Obtaining feedback from the wider business when proposing new ‘to be’ processes or target architectures is vital in any process improvement or enterprise architecture work. Many feedback for changes or comment received from the business can become difficult and time-consuming to track, process and assign for resolution when it arrives in several formats and uncoordinated. With the iServer portal, business users can comment and feedback on process and architecture diagrams within the repository. This helps architects and analysts to capture feedback from the business in real-time, receive a continuous stream of comments to assist in improving processes and updating architecture content quickly.

Minimal Administrative Overhead

Information published via the iServer portal is automatically updated with any real-time changes allowing business users to view and comment on live process models or enterprise architecture content. This eliminates issues arising from users reviewing inaccurate models and documents, and also minimizes administrative overhead as information published does not need to be manually updated by content editors.

Cost Effective

During any process improvement project or enterprise architecture activities, there are usually many stakeholders who are impacted and need to collaborate with the architects and analysts. Having a large number of licensed users with direct access to the iServer repository may not be possible for many organizations with limited budget. This is why we offer iServer Portal on a one-off cost model. This removes the typical expensive user and licensing costs, giving teams the ability to reach unlimited portal users with relevant content. And as Portal is accessible via an online web browser, these users won’t require iServer training to browse and feedback on published repository content.

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As it's a Visio based tool, we are able to roll-out this out across the whole business

iServer has become an important asset for the organisation. We are using it to support our documentation and ensure governance policy adherance. There are lot of out-of-box features available which makes meant we were up and running very quickly.

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