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Features of Reporting Services

iServer Reporting Services for Enterprise Architecture

iServer Reporting Services uses Microsoft SQL Reporting Services to enable reports to be extracted from the iServer repository in different formats to meet stakeholder information needs. It’s important for enterprise architects to be able to present key data in a variety of formats for different stakeholder needs, so iServer Reporting Services provides out of the box reports that can be easily created without additional cost for system configuration. This ensures you can save time normally spent manually rebuilding and customizing reports, and are able to easily share key architecture data with stakeholders.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to develop your enterprise architecture.

iServer Reporting Services for Business Process Analysis

With iServer Reporting Services, business users can easily and quickly generate out of the box reports, or build custom reports using Microsoft SQL Report builder with a number of documented examples. This ensures you save time normally spent combining information from all sources, and can quickly create reports including those detailing process completeness, unused process elements, or duplicate process elements across your processes. With iServer Reporting Services, you can easily find missing elements in your processes and sub-processes to highlight gaps, issues, or unused objects within process diagrams.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to develop your business process analysis activities.

iServer Reporting Services for Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Traceability and full visibility are essential for proving return on investment for governance, risk and compliance management. iServer Reporting Services allows you to monitor changes made to your iServer repository over time, to identify any health issues across libraries such as items checked out for more than required, identities, and date checked out. Users can report and track statuses of issues pending resolution over a period, and conduct mode audit reports to view changes made to the contents of a diagram. This enables the user to generate an audit trail of how the iServer repository is being used, facilitating scalability considerations, as well as user reporting for security purposes.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to develop your IT governance, safeguard against risk, and ensure compliance.

iServer Reporting Services for IT Portfolio Management

Business managers and senior management need to have access to intuitive business data, to make effective decisions for the business. iServer Reporting Services enables users to combine data from a variety of sources and generate useful reports. Extract information from your IT portfolio in variety of formats for different stakeholders, capturing information such as application costs, lifecycle dates, ownerships and health assessments. Increase visibility into your portfolio and enable stakeholders make better business decisions based on sufficient and easily accessible information, generating intuitive reports on how your IT portfolio supports the business objectives.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to optimize your IT portfolio management.

iServer Reporting Services for Project Portfolio Management

Use iServer Reporting Services to easily create bespoke reports by leveraging users’ existing report development skillsets, reducing both the learning curve and adoption time. This module enables users to drill down through reports without requiring access to individual data source in iServer. Reports can be created in different formats and sizes such as A4 or US Letter sizes allowing for flexibility and customization to suit varied stakeholder preferences. You can also embed project reports directly to company intranet sites such as SharePoint, a webserver or a .Net page, to increase visibility and accessibility across the organization, saving time for project and portfolio managers who are normally manually preparing or emailing reports to different stakeholders.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to optimize your project portfolio management.

iServer Reporting Services for ERP Process Management

ERP implementations help organizations to improve business process performance, reduce operational costs, and improve decision making processes. A key success factor in ERP implementation is managing effective communication with stakeholders across the organization. iServer Reporting Services enable organizations to create customizable reports for ERP implementation from relevant data sources across the organizations. Reports can be shared with the different stakeholders in a variety of reports formats including HTML, Word, Excel, PDF and XML. Effective communication will ensure that stakeholders are kept informed throughout the implementation phases and before the system goes live. Documentation including system solution design, procedure and other training resources can be generated and shared with the different types of stakeholders.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to improve your SAP implementation.

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