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iServer BI Connect for Enterprise Architecture

Leverage your organizational repository data into meaningful assets and build a robust, well-architected business intelligence capability. The iServer BI Connect module enables users to plug data from the iServer repository into existing third party ODBC-supporting business intelligence toolset, enabling dynamic reporting and ad hoc discovery. The iServer repository provides a high source of quality and highly governed data, and with the iServer BI Connect module, you are able to easily aggregate data with a variety of other data sources being analyzed in your organization’s dashboarding interface. This offers stakeholders a holistic view of organization data and information to make strategic decisions, such as increasing revenue in key areas or reducing investments with low yielding ROI.

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iServer BI Connect for Business Process Analysis

It is often difficult to demonstrate the relationship between business data and business efficiency to senior level stakeholders who are unfamiliar with an organization’s repository tool. Without the ability to communicate live business data in an understandable and timely way, iServer data as a strategic organizational asset remains inaccessible to the wider business. iServer BI Connect provides a very effective way of communicating between senior level stakeholders, design and operations teams by enhancing existing BI data with process information or business requirements in your iServer repository. This increases the visibility of data within the repository and tightly integrates business process views with management information and reports for senior stakeholders.

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iServer BI Connect for Governance, Risk, and Compliance

An effective governance controls embedded with an organization’s BI initiative is a key factor to consider. Business rules and processes need to be set around how data are captured, defined, classified and stored within the repository. iServer BI Connect provides a secure ODBC connection to live iServer repository data, meaning that data is up-to-date, including any recent repository changes, resulting in an increased visibility of data asset within the organization. Data exported via the ODBC connection are tightly integrated with management information and reports. Access is configured based on iServer predefined profiles and user permissions, ensuring security of business data and access to data with the right permissions.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to develop your IT governance, safeguard against risk, and ensure compliance.

iServer BI Connect for IT Portfolio Management

iServer BI Connect gives users the ability to capture data from the iServer IT portfolio repository and securely exported ODBC support tools for BI. It enables reports and ad-hoc project dashboards to be configured and accessible to the business, providing a greater visibility into the IT portfolio. It enables business users to gain insight into how the portfolio performs across the organization. Reports and project portfolio dashboards enable senior management to source information, interpret project trends, and make better business decisions. From within the third party BI tool, business users will be able to analyze the IT portfolio for efficiency and enhance existing BI views with iServer data.

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iServer BI Connect for Project Portfolio Management

iServer BI Connect enables organizations to combine iServer data, including project reports, with other sources of data, to create intelligent reports and insights via management dashboards. Users can leverage existing project portfolio reports such as value stream analysis, to identify projects that contribute to the overall business goals over time, achieved KPIs for project success, or project goals for future planning. This enables organizations to make better, smarter decisions for future investments, budgetary controls, resource planning, or market trends to track. Decision makers can view enterprise data in a holistic approach, enabling visibility into how the business functions against strategic objectives.

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iServer BI Connect for ERP Process Management

Organizations understand that ERP implementations enable a lot of business data across business units. This can be leveraged using iServer BI Connect via a secure ODBC connection to a third party BI tool, enabling access to relevant users. iServer BI Connect exposes iServer repository data such as process information to the wider business by bridging the gap between design, operations and senior management. This allows stakeholders to gain insight into the business and dynamically analyze repository data for quicker and effective decisions. iServer BI Connect can be used without prior training in using iServer, enabling quick and easy use, reducing training and administrative overheads.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to improve your SAP implementation.

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