What is Data Exchange?

Features of Data Exchange

iServer Data Exchange for Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture generates a number of deliverables in different formats that are stored in many locations across the organization. Consequently, it is difficult to leverage such information from a single, central location and manually update information across the organization. iServer Data Exchange allows users to quickly load large quantities of data in excel and XML standard formats using an import wizard into the iServer repository. This saves a huge amount of time importing data from all external sources into a central repository. In addition, iServer Data Exchange allows information in XML stylesheets from any source to be translated into a format recognized by iServer repository.

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iServer Data Exchange for Business Process Analysis

A challenge for business analysts and process owners is to ensure information in the repository is accurate and reliable. Content from business process modeling tools can be easily imported into the repository, allowing teams to leverage systems across the organization such as a CMDB. It minimizes the effort required to keep tools in sync with the repository. Update feeds can be added to refresh and synchronize any external changes periodically, removing the need for manual intervention. iServer Data Exchange also resolves any conflicts such as renames, deletions, and additions to the databases, allowing for quality and integrity of information in the repository.

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iServer Data Exchange for Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Reduce integration costs and save time importing repository data from core applications within your organization. iServer Data Exchange enables quick synchronization and exchange of data from external sources into your iServer repository. Protect the credibility of your diagrams by ensuring alignment to ‘real time’ business data. Use iServer Data Exchange to schedule data refresh, manage synchronization and conflict resolution, thereby minimizing the risks of manually managing duplicate data, reducing cost and effort normally required.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to develop your IT governance, safeguard against risk, and ensure compliance.

iServer Data Exchange for IT Portfolio Management

Often IT portfolio managers need to migrate data from a CMDB or PPM tool into the iServer repository. Many tools output only in XML or Excel formats that may be difficult to translate data from one tool to another. iServer Data Exchange supports XML and Excel formats. It enables users to bulk import large catalogs with thousands of applications, attributes, technologies and functions in minutes using the import wizard. It saves time manually importing or entering information directly into the repository, and also speeds up creation of diagrams, enabling users to reuse items already imported, increasing the accuracy of data across the organization.

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iServer Data Exchange for Project Portfolio Management

Exchange data within your project portfolio management portal with iServer Data Exchange, enabling communication between systems and simplifying the flow of project information across the organization. Reduce manual efforts exchanging project information between systems and ensure accuracy of project information. Schedule project imports to run periodically as a background task, saving time having to run the imports manually when updates are made to the source data. Users can also manage project catalog, work package, and deliverable catalogs between the iServer repository and the PPM platform. This enables seamless integration and visibility into your project portfolio and the ability to generate project reports on a regular basis for stakeholders.

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iServer Data Exchange for ERP Process Management

Quickly import data from ERP process blueprints in bulk using XML and Excel formats into your iServer repository using iServer Data Exchange. Easily migrate ERP process information from legacy systems or content management databases. Use Excel Import sheets to capture lists of processes from external data sources, role catalog for use in process diagrams. Make bulk edits in an Excel spreadsheet such as changes to process information, attributes, and roles and then import updated information back into the repository. Export process information, including procedures, business requirements and other process-related information, stored across several platforms within the organization into a central repository, saving time, costs and efforts in manually gathering process information.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to improve your SAP implementation.

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