iServer Data Modeler - Enhance Your Business Data Modeling Capability

iServer Data Modeler Connect enables organizations to bridge the gap between Data Modeling experts and architects by integrating data models with iServer via Microsoft Visio. Data Modeler Connect not only saves time and eliminates duplication of effort, but also removes discrepancies between the data and architecture domains.

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Import Data Models into iServer

iServer Data Modeler Connect is designed to deliver an integrated solution by bridging data modeling tools and iServer through the conversion of data models into Microsoft Visio. The data models are first saved as an XML file to be converted, and then the Microsoft Visio drawing can be imported by iServer for model management and analysis.

Integrate Data Models with your Enterprise Architecture

Data modeling techniques and tools in iServer capture and translate complex systems and designs into easily understood representations of the data flows and processes. These data modeling tools help to provide a comprehensive picture of where the data is, what it looks like, and how best to manage it.

Capture Valuable Information

iServer Data Modeler Connect captures valuable information including relevant metadata like primary keys, attribute data types, and cardinalities entered against the data models.

Generate and Visualize Data Models

Users are able to generate and visualize conceptual and logical data models in Microsoft Visio from data modeling tools. Users can easily export data model files in XML formats into Microsoft Visio in iServer, thereby continuing to support data modeling activities across the organization.

Read more about iServer’s full range of integration, simulation and import/export tools.

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