Explore the Benefits of iServer Data Modeler Connect For Your Organization

Import data models from tools such as ERwin and ER/Studio into your iServer repository and convert them into Microsoft Visio diagrams

What is Data Modeler Connect?

iServer Data Modeler Connect enables organizations to bridge the gap between Data Modeling experts and Architects by integrating data models with iServer via Microsoft Visio. Data Modeler Connect not only saves time and eliminates duplication of effort, but also removes discrepancies between the data and architecture domains.

Features of Data Modeler Connect

Bridge the Gap Between Enterprise Architects and Data Analysts

There is often a lack of integration between enterprise architects using iServer for enterprise architecture modeling and data analysts using data modeling tools for conceptual, logical and physical data modeling. Now, users can import data models from data modeling tools into Microsoft Visio via iServer Data Modeler Connect. This bridges the gap between both architects and analysts, and enables the communication of data models between both tools.

Increased Accuracy and Consistency

There is often a lack of visibility into how changes in the enterprise architecture can impact on data models in external tools like ERwin. By connecting data modelers with iServer, enterprise architects can easily trace data, perform impact assessment on data entities and systems, and resolve any discrepancies between the data architecture and other domains. This increases the accuracy and consistency of data models across the organization.

Save Time and Eliminate Duplication

When data models are created and stored in several locations, it becomes very difficult to identify a single source for all data, architecture, and business artifacts. iServer captures valuable data model information in one location, saving users time spent looking for data assets across different systems and locations and eliminates duplication of effort by enabling reuse.

Find out how iServer’s full range of integration, simulation and import/export tools can benefit your organization.

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IServer is an easy-to-use tool that utilizes existing good tools (Office) to draw and analyze the Architectural material. IServer focuses more on operational work around architecture to supply value to the business. IServer is a good tool to use if your architectural maturity ís low.

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