What is Data Modeler Connect?

Features of Data Modeler Connect

iServer Data Modeler Connect for Enterprise Architecture

Many organizations struggle with integrating business data into their existing enterprise architecture implementation. This disconnect results in a lack of effective communication between the enterprise architects and data experts functioning within other parts of your business. With iServer Data Modeler Connect you can import data models from ERwin Connect and ER Studio into Microsoft Visio to understand how data components fit together within your enterprise architecture. This saves time and costs that may have been spent recreating data models by reusing data models from other tools within your iServer repository.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to develop your enterprise architecture.

iServer Data Modeler Connect for Business Process Analysis

Use iServer Data Modeler Connect to analyze enterprise data and facilitate communication between developers, data architects and the business, to understand and analyze data requirements needed to support business processes. Provide context for the use of data within the organization by referencing data model constructs, and use data models generated from iServer Data Modeler Connect to support an enterprise-wide initiative towards data definitions and glossaries. This module also encourages the use of a standard business data dictionary across the organization with the participation of business users in defining what data is created, consumed and modified by each business process. iServer Data Modeler Connect promotes reuse and increases the efficiency of business processes.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to develop your business process analysis activities.

iServer Data Modeler Connect for Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Reduce business costs by 15 to 20% by enhancing your data quality before importing into the iServer repository, as well as minimizing business risk and improving efficiency. Use iServer Data Modeler Connect to ensure data completeness, consistency, relevance, and fitness for use. With this module, organizations can ensure a single view and a ‘single version of truth’ of enterprise dataset across the business, to drive consistency and security of enterprise data.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to develop your IT governance, safeguard against risk, and ensure compliance.

iServer Data Modeler Connect for IT Portfolio Management

Lower application development cost by using accurate data models in your IT portfolio, and identify potential errors and bugs early on in a software development lifecycle, which are quicker and less expensive to fix rather than later on when software is deployed. Increase the performance of your infrastructure by fine tuning databases to run quicker and faster with a well defined, coherent and error-free dataset. iServer Data Modeler Connect enables you to futureproof your application portfolio by ensuring effective documentation and accuracy of data models in your iServer repository.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to optimize your IT portfolio management.

iServer Data Modeler Connect for Project Portfolio Management

Import data models into Microsoft Visio in the iServer repository directly from third party modeling tools. Use the iServer Data Modeler Connect to gain insight into development effort required during SDLC by evaluating the complexity of the application, assessing project risk and minimizing failure. Save development time, cost and time to market by reusing existing data models across multiple projects and reduce duplicated project outcomes if another project already delivers same solution. Optimize project outcomes by improving on existing data models within the business.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to optimize your project portfolio management.

iServer Data Modeler Connect for ERP Process Management

Import ERP business process requirements from other modeling tools into your iServer repository. Reduce maintenance costs of your ERP implementation by reusing existing business process model within your repository. Use iServer Data Modeler Connect to validate data models and ensure they will work correctly. Save time recreating your ERP process diagrams already modeled in other tools by importing into the Microsoft Visio environment using iServer Data Modeler Connect. This module gives you the ability to test for correctness of your blueprints before importing into your iServer repository, and save time implementing or upgrading your ERP system, ensuring your data models are accurate and comply with the business rules and controls.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to improve your SAP implementation.

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