iServer Process Simulator allows users to create powerful process simulations from models created in Microsoft Visio, the modeling interface for iServer. This provides risk-free animated visualizations, which allow analysts to determine precisely which processes and scenarios and what level of resourcing will provide the best results for the organization.

Orbus have partnered with ProModel’s Process Simulator to create a comprehensive tool that enables organizations to visualize, analyze and optimize their business processes. Users are able to convert existing Visio diagrams, or create new processes as simulation models. Repository process objects, attributes, and relationships can all be loaded into the simulation, leveraging the added value from iServer.

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Visio Process Model Simulation

Create powerful simulations from Visio process model diagrams, prior to deployment in the business or a BPMSand test-drive processes without risk of disruption to the real-life business.

Multiple Scenario Modeling

Create multiple process scenarios to run at the same time, saving time, and helps users find optimal processes and business scenarios faster.

Report Generation

View and compare reports on screen as soon as the simulation is complete. Answer the "what-if" questions based on varying scenarios without risk to the business.

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