Predict the Behaviour of Business Processes with iServer Process Simulator

Perform scenario analysis and create powerful process simulations of Microsoft Visio models stored in the iServer repository with iServer Process Simulator

What is Process Simulator?

iServer Process Simulator allows users to create powerful process simulations from models created in Microsoft Visio, the modeling interface for iServer. This provides risk-free animated visualizations, which allow analysts to determine precisely which processes and scenarios and what level of resourcing will provide the best results for the organization.

Features of Process Simulator

A Risk-Free Environment

One of the limiting factors for any organization deploying business processes is understanding how a process will perform in an ever changing business environment, with human and technical resources. iServer Process Simulator enables modeling teams, process analysts and business process improvement professionals to predict this dynamic behavior overtime by running daily simulations of defined processes. It gives teams the ability to ask the ‘what if’ questions in a risk free environment.

Reasoned Decision Making

Running simulations isn’t enough. Organizations also need to be able to analyze and report on results to make informed decisions. To facilitate reasoned decision making, all simulations can be easily reported on. These reports allow users to highlight the areas where change is required and show the outcomes, justifying the process improvement initiative.

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