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Features of Process Simulator

iServer Process Simulator for Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture initiatives are designed to transition the organization from strategy to execution. Predicting the dynamic behavior of a business instance is critical to understanding how it might perform in real life when resources are plugged in. iServer’s Process Simulator enables users to generate powerful simulations directly from the Microsoft Visio process models stored in the repository. Users can generate reports on the screen once the simulation is complete, enabling the ability to capture and store information about each activity executed. This is used to address ‘what if’ scenarios based on different circumstances and highlights potential areas for adjustments, improving overall EA planning and reducing business transformation risks.

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iServer Process Simulator for Business Process Analysis

iServer Process Simulator enables users to visualize ideas for process change, analyze the impact, and compare multiple business scenarios without the risk of impacting or disrupting business operations. The reports generated are useful in justifying your process improvement initiative. iServer Process Simulator enables users to load as many repository process objects, attributes, and relationships into the simulation engine, leveraging additional value from your iServer repository. Powerful simulations can be created from Visio process models prior to deployment, enabling users the ability to test-drive processes without risk of disruption to daily business activities.

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iServer Process Simulator for Governance, Risk, and Compliance

iServer Process Simulator provides a risk-free environment. Control changes to business processes by running process simulations prior to deployment, to identify potential threats to business operations, and track critical processes and manage risk alerts efficiently and determine how to respond. Users can utilize existing repository data, minimizing the risk of human error and associated costs manually entering data into the system. Overall, iServer Process Simulator saves time and cost by quickly helping to resolve issues before processes are deployed in the business, and ensuring business processes comply with internal controls and regulations. Organizations can optimize business performance and effectively manage response to business changes, enabling decision makers the ability to deploy immediate tactical plans where necessary.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to develop your IT governance, safeguard against risk, and ensure compliance.

iServer Process Simulator for IT Portfolio Management

Simulate workflow process diagrams to understand IT requirements, investment opportunities, and determine expected performance levels for your IT portfolio. Maximize your application capability across the organization by ensuring the right amount of applications support business processes by identifying duplication of functionalities and application services across your application landscape. Use iServer Process Simulator to visualize, analyze, and optimize IT future operations in order to make better, faster decisions for your business. Convert existing Visio diagrams or create new processes as simulation model, to determine opportunities for change. Improve your operations, work smarter, reduce implementation time and make delivery times shorter for optimum results in your portfolio.

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iServer Process Simulator for Project Portfolio Management

Conduct live value stream maps and impact analysis using iServer Process Simulator to quickly identify gaps and redundancies within processes with potential for improvement. Simulation is useful to road-test and optimize internal processes in a risk-free environment prior to live deployment, ensuring a cheaper approach to business transformation. Enable multiple scenarios within a project, saving time by quickly finding optimal processes and scenarios for the business. Manage your projects and portfolios efficiently using iServer Process Simulator to map and automate your workflows. Save cost by ensuring projects outcomes are efficiently delivered using simulations to identify and remove bottlenecks within process workflows.

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iServer Process Simulator for ERP Process Management

ERP simulations enable organizations to create risk-free live simulations of business operations with as many market variables possible. This is useful identifying aspects of business functions across the organizations that can be automated. Poor understanding of business requirements and changes needed in existing processes can lead to ERP implementation failure. Organizations should thoroughly analyze business processes before implementing an ERP system. iServer Process Simulator enables organizations to create multiple process scenarios and run multiple simulations simultaneously. This saves time by quickly identifying processes and scenarios for improvements. It improves the quality of the business, allowing for smooth running of operations, reduction in human intervention and less errors.

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