Benefits of using iServer for Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Maximize current resources and ensure future success of your future initiatives

iServer for Project Porfolio Management allows you to make better, informed business decisions with project information stored centrally and impact analysis tools available. It allows you to minimize risk and control project costs before problems occur.


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Manage Simultaneous Projects

With so many projects running at once across functions, business units, and locations, it can be difficult to keep track. By providing a single project repository, iServer provides project managers with all necessary information accessible from one location. This quick reference library makes sure project teams can align with industry best practices and methods, while enabling them to easily identify project and portfolio information, capabilities, overlaps and duplication.

Effortless Communication

Keeping stakeholders up to date with project progress is a core requirement for any successful project portfolio management team. With its range of communication tools, iServer increases visibility of projects and provides easy communication between teams. Project stakeholders are kept up to date with project reports and outcomes, increasing buy in and ensuring project success.

Control Project Costs and Schedules

Unforeseen delays and problems can cause spiraling costs, increasing the risk of derailing a project. iServer makes it easier to keep track of projects, minimizing the impact of delays and reducing the cost of changes to projects. It enables the visibility of potential risks, as well as integrating organizational process, application, and technology portfolio information. This ensures project teams are constantly in control and can identify issues in plenty of time.

Align to Strategic Objectives

It is easier to report project value when there is clear visibility on how projects are aligned with the enterprise strategic objectives. iServer ensures projects and portfolios are prioritized effectively, enabling better decisions to be made for the future, and optimizing investments. iServer helps organizations identify projects that can contribute to the overall business goals, ensuring appropriate budgets are allocated.

Ease of Use

Many PPM tools have complex proprietary interfaces, requiring weeks of training and tied in onsite support. When users first meet iServer, they meet the familiar Microsoft Office interface, with the ribbons and drop downs they use daily. Their current Microsoft Office documents can be integrated immediately, and detailed Project and work package data can be imported from Microsoft Project and other scheduling tools. This means modelers can be productive within a week with little impact to schedules.

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