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Compliant and Governed Project Management Approach

PRINCE2 in iServer allows users to align with and adopt this industry best practice within their project management teams. As this information is integrated into the iServer project management repository, the single source of truth ensures consistency and compliance across the organization.

Standardized Project Management

Using the PRINCE2 templates and guidance to create project management deliverables and documentation will ensure consistency across projects and the project team. The PRINCE2 processes will further assist in standardizing the projects management approach, and ensuring all work products are stored in the central iServer projects repository will improve team performance and efficiency.

Project Communication

Keeping stakeholders up to date with project progress is a core requirement for any successful project portfolio management team. With its range of communication tools, iServer increases visibility of projects and easy communication between teams. Project stakeholders are kept up-to-date with project reports and outcomes, increasing buy-in and ensuring project success.

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