Who should use iServer for Project Portfolio Management

Who would iServer's Project Portfolio Management software benefit, and how?

iServer provides guidance for managing and maintaining new technology requirements, project prioritization and resource allocation. It allows an effective management discipline to adopt the PRINCE2 methodology and develop roadmaps, catalogs and risk analysis to report on your portofolio.


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How will iServer help me?

Head of Portfolio Management

iServer will help you provide guidance for managing new technology requirements, portfolio prioritization of projects and oversee resource allocation to various projects. It will also help you to make rational future investment decisions, analyze portfolio roadmaps and forecasting activities with a preconfigured central repository and reports for Value Stream Analysis in iServer.

Project Management Analyst

With iServer you can establish an effective project management discipline and best practices across the organization by adopting the PRINCE2 best practice framework including processes, themes, principles, and roles. This gives you the ability to generate project catalogs from the iServer repository, project roadmaps, and risk analysis heatmaps to report on and analyze projects for business transformation.

IT Project Assurance Analyst

iServer can help you to identify project anomalies and risk, identify changes to project requirements and governance issues, and support the delivery of IT business change projects through project delivery assurance practices across the portfolio. With iServer Process Simulator you can also identify and resolve any bottlenecks during the lifecycle of the project. With iServer’s Impact and Risk Analysis templates you can also benefit from the ability to perform quality checks and provide recommendation for issue resolutions.

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