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Gregor Polančič

Gregor Polančič

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Gregor Polančič

Gregor received his PhD in 2008 in the fields of software engineering and information systems. He has a decade of experience in BPMN, starting to investigate and actively using BPMN since its first version in 2004.

Gregor has participated in the development of one of the first BPMN modeling utilities - a package of plugins for Visio, which were introduced in 2004 and is the main author of the first BPMN poster (available on, which has been translated into several languages and already exceeded 50,000 downloads.

In 2008, he was one of the first authors to publish an article dedicated to the experiences and practical use of BPMN. The article was published in “BPM and Workflow Handbook” in association with the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC). He is teaching BPMN since 2005 in several undergraduate and postgraduate courses and has been an invited BPMN lecturer on several Universities.

He has participated in several BPMN related local and international workshops and projects and is currently researching BPMN from different technological and user aspects.