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Max Tay

Max Tay

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Max Tay

Max Tay is an independent BPM consultant specializing in various areas of Business Process Management, including Business Process Architecture, Process Improvement, Decision Management, Risk and Compliance Management and Process Automation using BPMS.

He has extensive experience from working with both public and private organizations providing consultation on the application and optimization of business processes to achieve operational strategies.

Max’s strong work ethic is accentuated by his commitment to education; he has a Masters in Business Administration, a Master of Science major in Information Technology and a Masters in Professional Accounting.  He is also a Certified Expert in BPM (Business Advanced) under the Object Management Group BPM certification.

On the technical front, he provides quality assurance for the adoption and implementation of BPM technologies. His other knowledge areas include application of performance management using Balanced Scorecard in BPM, business motivation model, and operation improvement using Lean Six Sigma.