Business Transformation – buzzword of the moment?

Why is Business Transformation (BT) such a popular topic? Is it just a current buzzword (or buzz phrase), or is it something that we really need to pay attention to?

Like many popular topics in business or IT, there is certainly some hype behind the phrase. From the consultant and vendor perspective, there is also a bit of “let’s bundle everything that we are trying to promote into a catch phrase that will get everyone’s attention” about the phrase. So let me start with a few words about what business transformation refers to. Note that for brevity I shall also refer to Business Transformation in this paper as BT.

It’s about making changes to your business. The word “transformation” implies massive, radical or innovative change – but in many cases business transformation is simply about the business responding to opportunities or threats of current trends and technologies. Most companies are not very innovative – they are followers rather than leaders. In other words, BT is simply how organizations, businesses, or any other type of enterprise responds to a wide variety of largely external factors.

It’s usually linked to strategy, as most people talking about business transformation also talk about aligning changes to visions and goals. So, nothing very original here – this is following a fairly traditional view of what strategy planning is all about.

This eBook explores the implications of Business Transformation on Enterprise Architecture, and its potential long term impact on contemporary EA practice. 

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