IT4IT: Six Overviews for Six Audiences

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Being knowledgeable about a variety of standards can sometimes be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it improves your market value and opens new opportunities. On the other hand, every time a new standard appears (or people learn of its existence), you’re the first point of call for questions about it. 

The latest resource to come from the experts at the Open Group is the IT4IT standard. It defines a reference business architecture for the management of an IT department. Now, there’ve been plenty of excellent resources about the IT4IT standard that have already been provided by the Open Group and others, but so far they’ve been targeted mainly at those who need detailed understanding of the standard.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t specifically address the point that I mention in the first paragraph – which is how would you describe it to different stakeholders, taking account of their concerns? And what questions might they pose? I remain convinced that evangelizing a change is the area that is often most neglected in attempts to transform IT; and so my immediate reaction upon reading about IT4IT was to wonder – “how would you sell this within an organization?”

In this eBook Peter Harrad outlines a methodology by which I define how I might describe IT4IT in conversation with 6 different audiences that could pose the question – “what is IT4IT, and how does it affect me?”

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IT4IT Six Overviews for Six Audiences
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