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The Importance of Process Feedback for Organizational Learning

Jul 25, 2023

Business processes provide the opportunity to build the capturing and analysis of feedback into our daily operations. In this eBook we explore the concept of feedback as a 'signal' that can flow from processes and help organizations learn.

The word ‘feedback’ can mean different things to different people within organizations. In some areas, it may typically be used to mean the type of qualitative ‘360 degree’ feedback that is sought to support end of year appraisals. In others, it may be used regularly to help individual staff members improve, by providing them with a constructive critique on the good and bad elements of their performance. We might also talk of feedback from customers, suppliers, managers and any number of other sources.

A relevant question to ask, therefore, is ‘where else is feedback relevant?’, and also ‘where can the knowledge gained from feedback be captured?’.

The answer is ‘many places’, and in this eBook we will look at one such example. Access your free copy and join us as we examine the use of feedback within business processes, and discuss how this can help an organization ‘learn’.