A helpful A-Z glossary listing key Business and IT
transformation terms and technical definitions.

Glossary cards

Architectural Style

Architectural Style is the means of describing the features by which the Architecture is designed or expressed.

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Architecture refers to the structure of components, the interrelationships of these components, principles, and guidelines governing the design and evolution of the Architecture over time.

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Architecture Building Blocks

An Architecture Building Block is a constituent component of the overall architecture that describes a single aspect of the overall model.

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Architecture Continuum

The Architecture Continuum, which is a part of the Enterprise Continuum, is a collection of architectural elements, containing increasing detail and specialization.

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Architecture Development Method

The Architecture Development Method (or ADM) is at the core of TOGAF and it provides the step-by-step approach to developing and then using an Enterprise Architecture.

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Architecture Domain

An Architectural Domain is the component area or viewpoint of an Architecture under consideration.

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Architecture Framework

The notion of an Architecture Framework is a conceptual structure used to construct, implement, and maintain an architecture.

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Architecture Governance

Architecture Governance is the approaches and focus by which enterprise architectures and other architectures are organized, ordered, managed and controlled at an enterprise-wide level.

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Architecture Landscape

TOGAF defines the Architecture Landscape as a representation of architectural assets that are planned, or in use by the enterprise at a particular moment in time.

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Architecture Principles

An Architecture Principles is a statement of intent that should be followed or met by the architecture. Architecture Principles are typically used to provide a qualitative assessment of an architecture.

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Architecture Vision

An Architecture Vision is a concise definition of the Target Architecture that describes its value (usually in terms of business value) and the changes to the enterprise of a successful deployment. I

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An Artifact or Artefact are architectural works that describe an aspect of the architecture.

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