A helpful A-Z glossary listing key Business and IT
transformation terms and technical definitions.

Glossary cards

Business Reference Model

Business Reference Model is a reference model, concentrating on the strategic, business (i.e. non-technical) and organizational aspects of an organization.

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Business Rule

A Business Rule is a constraint that defines or constrains some aspect of a business process. Business Rules typically resolves to either a simple true or false or alternatively to know defined set of answers.

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Business Rules Engine

A Business Rules Engine is a set of applications and technologies system that executes one or more business rules as part of process execution.

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Business Rules Repository

A Business Rules Repository is simply a centralized repository of all business rules and information about the rules.

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Business Service

A Business Service is a mechanism through which business capabilities are supported, typically through a clearly defined interface and is managed and governed by an organization.

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A business Capability defines what an organization needs to undertake as the means of achieving its strategy, in terms of the 'what' rather than the 'how'.

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Capability Architecture

A Capability Architecture is the organization of a set of the Capabilities required to describe a particular scope. This could be for an organization or to realize a particular solution or solution aspect.

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Capability Increment

A Capability Increment is a discrete portion of a capability architecture that delivers specific value. When all increments have been completed, the capability has been realized.

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Capacity is the product of a certain set of variables all working together, namely Resources, Time, and Productivity.

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Cause and Effect Diagram

A Cause and Effect diagram a visual tool used to arrange and categorize possible factors contributing to a certain event or problem.

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A Choreography is an ordered sequence of B2B message exchanges between two or more Participants.

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Collaboration is the act of sending messages between any two Participants.

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