What is Business Architecture?

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What is Business Architecture?

A short video introducing the concept of Business Architecture


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What is Business Architecture?

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What is Business Architecture?

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Business architecture is a subdomain of enterprise architecture. It concerns itself with developing an enterprise blueprint used for aligning business requirements and operations with strategic objectives. You can think of it as a link between an organization’s strategy and its business functionality.

Business architecture is important because it defines the structure of the enterprise in terms of governance, business processes and business information, to the benefit of all stakeholders. As such, business architecture primarily focuses on the motivational, operational, and analysis frameworks that link these aspects of the enterprise together. When done properly, it creates employee engagement, it aligns execution with strategy, and it also helps prioritize investments.

Professionals in this field are called business architects. In defining the structure of the enterprise, business architects consider customers, finances, the market, strategic goals, objectives, partners and suppliers; organizations; capabilities; and key initiatives. Their work is relevant for stakeholders on all organizational levels. For instance, they might help upper management with insights which contribute towards decision making, or they might provide a middle-manager with feedback about his team.

Business architecture is a highly interconnected area within the enterprise. It is quite closely related to process architecture because of the latter’s interest in defining and documenting business and system processes in order to identify tasks and provide an overview of the resources and outputs involved. Capability modeling is a great example of this.

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