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Diagram Exchange

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Diagram Exchange

A service to assist you in the migration of diagrams from legacy tools


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Diagram Exchange

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Diagram Exchange

iServer Diagram Exchange is a service offered by Orbus Software to assist you in the migration of diagrams from legacy enterprise architecture, business process analysis and other modeling tools.

The Service can be used to generate diagrams from any tool that has an XML export, including:

  • IBM System Architect
  • Mega
  • Casewise Corporate Modeler
  • Sparx Enterprise Architect
  • Software AG’s  ARIS and Alfabet
  • Abacus

Additionally, the service supports the import of a range of standard formats, such as:

  • XPDL (for BPMN)
  • XMI
  • Any XML (via XSL stylesheet)

With iServer Diagram Exchange, you can re-use valuable content residing in dormant tools and minimise time spent re-drawing diagrams. To find out more, book a demonstration with one of our consultants today.