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iServer Project Connect

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iServer Project Connect

Connect iServer with PPM and task management tools


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iServer Project Connect

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iServer Project Connect

Organization’s undergoing digital transformation must leverage data from a range of sources, as they look to drive strategic alignment of the business and deliver faster, better quality projects.

iServer Project Connect, a bidirectional Microsoft Flow Connector, helps enterprises achieve this goal by integrating the iServer Repository and Microsoft Project Online – or any other PPM and task management tool available in Microsoft Flow.

It enables import, export and synchronization of project-related data and work packages (or the corresponding architectural project concept) in the iServer repository.

By integrating iServer with MS Project, you can:

  • Align existing project portfolios and the enterprise architecture repository
  • Synchronize current project execution with iServer
  • Concretize ideas into investments

Ultimately, iServer Project Connect supports a range of scenarios, enabling strategic alignment between enterprise architecture and project portfolio management throughout the entire project lifecycle.