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What is the Learning Ecosystem?

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What is the Learning Ecosystem?

An introduction to the Learning Ecosystem


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What is the Learning Ecosystem?

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What is the Learning Ecosystem?

Edgar Dale’s cone of experience states that people generally remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, but, 90% of what they do. At Orbus Software, we believe effective learning is a blend of formal, social and experiential learning. The Orbus Learning Ecosystem represents our answer to the question: How do we deliver an outstanding customer experience?

With more than 20,000 active users, the Orbus Ecosystem is an innovative platform that gives individuals and organisations a centralised interface to manage their formal training, access a large repository of resources, and take advantage of our community forums and live webinars with industry experts.

The Orbus Ecosystem is equipped with a robust reporting system, which addresses the professional needs and training challenges of both individuals and organisations. These powerful reports enable you to generate analysis and make data driven decisions on your training strategy. 

The Orbus Ecosystem also includes a value-on-investment program, which is our ongoing commitment to offer products and services that have a real, long-lasting and positive effect.

Orbus provides timely administrative, technical and mentoring support through the ecosystem, where customers can log support tickets, access existing open tickets and view historic ones.

So there it is, the Orbus Learning Ecosystem – an innovative and evolving platform that will expand your organization’s knowledge, offer managed and assisted formal training, and drive first-class customer service and technical support.