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Quickly build process and architecture documentation within Microsoft Word

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Live Documents

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Live Documents is a communication module within the iServer Business and IT Transformation Suite that enables users to produce key documentation and project deliverables in minutes.

It does this by producing dynamic documents, embedded with “smart components”, such as free text attributes, diagrams, object catalogs & hierarchy views. With a single click, the document can be refreshed, updating the smart components, with the latest repository content. This prevents documents becoming out of date, removing the need to copy and paste diagrams. Instead users can link directly to source content stored in the iServer Repository.

Live Documents allows iServer users to build re-usable templates for common document types, in the familiar Microsoft Word interface. Users can then instantly generate documentation from source content stored in the iServer Repository, and also update existing Live Documents. This enables governed document creation, ensuring terminology, structure, and metamodel usage are consistent across all deliverables, allowing teams to instantly generate project documentation without the usual amount of manual effort.

To see how Live Documents can help you generate faster, more accurate documents, with minimal effort, book a live demonstration with one of our iServer consultants today.

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