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SAP Connect

iServer SAP Connect allows SAP implementation teams to create, manage and modify SAP project blueprints within iServer


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SAP Connect

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SAP Connect

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iServer SAP Connect allows SAP implementation teams to create, manage and modify SAP project blueprints within iServer’s easy to use, collaborative modeling environment.

By leveraging the modeling, and publication capabilities of iServer, SAP Connect enables both business and technical stakeholders to collaborate on, define and validate business blueprints for SAP, accelerating the implementation of SAP projects.

Organizations use iServer with SAP Connect to:

  • Model SAP Projects in an organizational context
  • Ensure SAP remains aligned with existing business processes
  • Reduce lengthy SAP implementation and upgrade lifecycles
  • Reduce overall SAP project timelines and costs

Organizations who invest in SAP expect significant improvements in business efficiency and effectiveness.

But teams involved in SAP implementations and upgrade cycles face two key challenges to the successful outcome of these projects.

Firstly, they need to ensure the SAP solution is correctly and continuously aligned to the business it must support, to deliver the expected benefits to the organization.

Secondly, there is a continuous need to shorten the implementation lifecycle and curb spiralling costs.

With SAP Connect, existing business blueprints defined in SAP Solution Manager can be imported directly into the iServer repository and automatically converted into BPMN 2.0 MS Visio Process models.

These blueprints may be operational blueprints realised in the SAP system, or they may represent template blueprints provided ‘out of the box’ with each SAP Module, but not yet deployed. Importing existing blueprints into iServer reduces manual effort and allows SAP process analysts to hit the ground running with iServer.

Within iServer’s collaborative and easy to use Visio modelling environment it is possible to:

  • Document update and improve SAP processes
  • Assess Impact of Changing Processes across the whole organization
  • Run Gap analysis on optimized processes

Following this, teams can ensure the blueprints are up to date and accurate by:

  • Generating blueprint documents or process manuals in minutes
  • Publishing and sharing SAP Processes using iServer web based communication tools
  • Enabling Cross-functional stakeholder review, feedback and validation.

Once new or updated blueprints have been unanimously validated they can be exported directly into SAP Solution Manager to define or update the corresponding business blueprint project in SAP. 

In Summary, SAP Connect provides an organization with the ability to maintain a ‘live’ representation of SAP processes within iServer, accurately reflecting the business layer, which can be updated and synchronised directly from your iServer repository. 

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