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The APM Solution

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The APM Solution

An essential overview of how iServer supports Application Portfolio Management.

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The APM Solution

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The APM Solution

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Why is this domain important?

Application Portfolio Management, APM for short, is a powerful technique that can be used within your organization to optimize your application portfolio, align business and IT strategies, and make better financial decisions; all of which combine to reduce your costs and make your organization more successful.

Orbus Software produces the iServer Product Suite, which offers a range of enterprise architecture and business process analysis solutions. APM extends the capabilities of iServer, enabling you to derive more benefit and even greater value from your enterprise architecture.

In this video we identify some of the most common challenges facing the key personnel in organizations like your own.

Challenge 1: No holistic view of Asset Base

The details of your application portfolio might be scattered throughout your organization. Using a central repository to collate this information can help, but it still cannot provide a holistic view to all stakeholders.

The CXO can’t make informed decisions, the business analyst cannot see where money is being spent, the architect struggles to reduce complexity, and users can’t access the information they need.

Challenge 2: Redundancy and Duplication

Organizations often have duplicate systems, purchased because people were unaware of existing resources, or inherited as a result of a merger. The business might even be paying to maintain applications which are no longer used, or failing to deliver value. The architect knows that needless duplication and redundancy of systems results in excessive costs, but how can these be reduced?

Challenge 3: Gap between Business and IT

The business strategy of your organization might not align with the technology and application architecture that supports it. With no way to measure how well each application meets the business needs, how can the business analyst bring these into alignment?

Challenge 4: Poor Decision Making

The Chief Executive Officers need to determine the best course of action for their company, but without a clear insight into the application portfolio, how can they make the best investment and development decisions?

Challenge 5: Spiraling Costs

Without a clear vision of the application landscape, poor decisions are made, and costs can spiral out of control, with enterprises spending two-thirds or more of their IT operating budgets on ongoing operations and maintenance.

"For IT operating budgets, enterprises spend two-thirds or more on ongoing operations and maintenance." The State Of Global Enterprise IT Budgets: 2009 To 2010", Forrester Research

The iServer Solution

How can you reduce these costs, so that you can invest more in innovation, development and growth?

APM extends the capabilities of iServer, and gives you an insight into the repository.

APM directly analyzes the raw data captured within iServer, and presents these in a series of user friendly reports and dashboards in the APM Portal.

You can use these as a single source of truth, to monitor and manage the status of your application portfolio via a web browser, wherever you are, through the APM’s searchable application database. How does this help your organisation?

Benefit 1: Holistic View of Asset Base

The interactive APM reports allow all stakeholders to view the details of each application, including their technical and business fit, operating and maintenance costs.  And because APM data is updated automatically from iServer, the data is always current and complete.

Benefit 2: Eliminate Redundancy and Duplication

The APM Portal makes the application portfolio visible across the organization, helping business and IT stakeholders to co-operate. By cross referencing the business and IT information in the APM, the architect can identify and remove instances of duplication and redundancy; optimizing the application portfolio, and greatly reducing operating costs.

Benefit 3: Closes gap between Business and IT

Using the information in the APM Portal, the business analyst will be able to determine which applications support the key business processes, and compare their technical and business fits to the organisation. Now he will be able to align the application portfolio with the business strategy, and use the APM dashboards to monitor how these changes impact business performance.

Benefit 4: Reduce poor decision making

The APM Portal provides a series of dashboards which enable Chief Executive Officers to monitor the performance of their application portfolio, and identify opportunities for cost-reduction and business improvement.

This detailed insight will help Chief Executive Officers to allocate resources more effectively, and to make informed decisions on the development of the portfolio.

In summary:

Orbus Software’s Application Portfolio Management Solution enables you to:

  • Centralise your IT portfolio within a single repository
  • Increase the visibility of your portfolio by publishing online
  • Make informed investment and rationalisation decisions
  • Eliminate needless redundancy and duplication of function
  • Greatly reduce your operating costs

To find out more, please book a free online demonstration with one of our consultants.

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