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What are the benefits of Lean?

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What are the benefits of Lean?

Lean delivers benefits on many levels, from financial benefits and improved quality to increased customer and employee satisfaction.


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What are the benefits of Lean?

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What are the benefits of Lean?

Lean is a management philosophy that fosters a culture of continuous improvement to maximize value and minimize waste.

The direct benefits of this are reduced lead times, because non-value-added steps are removed, and reduced operating costs. Lean focuses on the elimination of unnecessary activities, stocks, expenses, work spaces and manpower, all in order to increase the efficiency and reduce the costs. These benefits are sustainable if you ensure that lean is integrated into your business.

Reducing waste improves the quality of products and services, which benefits the customer. Lean is a customer centric philosophy and apart from the improved quality of the end product, the customer also benefit from improved customer service and support processes and from the optimised supply of goods due to Lean’s focus on maintaining the balance between supply and demand. And we all know that happy customers are good for business!

Another important benefit of Lean can be found within the organization. Lean leaders involve their people in process improvement which increases the employee satisfaction and retention. Motivated employees are often more flexible which is a key element of Lean manufacturing. Employees also benefit from a safer work environment where risks have been reduced.