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How can I use TOGAF with other Frameworks?

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How can I use TOGAF with other Frameworks?

A short video explaining how TOGAF 9 can be used with other Enterprise Architecture frameworks


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How can I use TOGAF with other Frameworks?

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How can I use TOGAF with other Frameworks?

TOGAF is just one of a number of architecture frameworks in use today. Organisations also use a range of other IT, business and management frameworks and fortunately, one of the aims of TOGAF is that it should be used in conjunction with these other industry standards.

TOGAF can be used with other architecture frameworks, in conjunction with IT related frameworks, and by sharing inputs and outputs with other management frameworks.

When using TOGAF with other architecture frameworks, such as Zachman, DODAF or FEA, it is important to emphasize that it should be tailored and adapted to your exact needs.  In fact whichever of these you use, best practice says you should always customize it: to suit your needs, to fit with existing practice, and to provide handovers to other frameworks.

Because TOGAF is uniquely focused on an EA perspective, it also provides a complementary perspective to IT frameworks such as COBIT or ITIL

In a similar way, TOGAF is complementary to business or management frameworks that cover areas such as process improvement, operational efficiency, project management, strategy planning or management of risk.

Analysis of the underlying meta-models can be used to resolve any differences in concepts, constructs or language, while reuse of inputs and outputs is achieved by integrating the framework processes.