Content Migration Service

Our content migration service enables translation of your existing tool’s entire repository content into iServer

Migrate from Aris Migrate from Casewise Migrate from IBM Solution Architect Migrate from Troux

What problem do we solve?

Organizations are often confronted with a problem: What should they do with their data when their existing Enterprise Architecture and Process Management tools become legacy, shelf-ware, or unfit for purpose?

A lack of confidence in tools is common when business users and project leads suffer from diminishing investments in tools, as well as vendor failure to provide continued support and consultancy services.

That’s why many organizations choose iServer to replace their legacy Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Analysis or Portfolio Management tool.

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What tools do we convert?

Archi Aris CaseWise Erwin IBM MEGA Troux

How do we solve the problem?

Orbus Software’s Content Migration Service provides organizations with a fast, low risk and effective way of moving existing content from legacy tools into iServer.

We have dedicated consultants who have experience in migrating diagrams from an extensive selection of proprietary tools, ensuring that you can make the transition easily and with confidence.

Our conversion service supports pattern-based transformation so that you can migrate data that uses popular notations and languages including BPMN, UML, XPDL and ArchiMate.

Conversion framework

What are the benefits?

Obtain independence from your existing legacy, shelf-ware, or diminishing tools

Upgrade your investment by migrating to market leading iServer technology

Rationalize your content by performing a transformation exercise

Achieve long-term cost savings and greater Return on Investment by switching to iServer

Reduce your training and support costs as a result of using iServer’s familiar Microsoft platform

Here are some customers who have benefited from our migration service

Amtrak Kingfisher Serco Vatenfall REI Logo Deloitte New York Power Authority Rio Tinto United Drug Absa

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