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What do we provide?

Implementation services are available to ensure a quick and painless transition to iServer and to help project teams get up and running from day one.

iServer consultants and support engineers can guide you in a number of key areas, including installation, configuration and customization.


Installation of iServer in line with your organization's IT infrastructure.

Our support team will work together with your IT department to have all the software installed and deployed correctly for your iServer users.


iServer consultants will workshop your requirements to understand how you would like iServer tailored to meet your organization's needs. This includes a custom repository folder structure, meta-model and viewpoint customization, reporting requirements and importing your existing data into iServer.

How do we provide it?

Single Day Consulting Blocks – Onsite or Remote

5 Day Fast Start – Onsite

Fast start your iServer initiative with this dedicated consultancy service to get you up and running, including:

  • Full installation of iServer in your test and production environments (1 day)
  • Full configuration of iServer to your requirements (2 days)
  • iServer User and Administrator Training delivered by Orbus consultants (2 days)

1 Month Accelerator – Onsite

A solution for an advanced end-to-end deployment of iServer, including:

  • Full installation and configuration of iServer to your requirements (1 days)
  • Full configuration of iServer to your requirements (2 days)
  • iServer User and Administrator Training delivered by Orbus consultants (2 days)
  • Advanced consultancy and configuration services over the course of your first month

What is the benefit to you?

  • Fast implementation of iServer within the organization
  • Teams up and running quickly
  • Tailored repository to organization methodology and branding
  • Advice on industry best practice and framework adoption

Customer Support Satisfaction

Customer Support Feedback

Excellent support! Thank you! Excellent as ever - Sergiy is always very knowledgeable and helpful. Sergiy was very helpful and patient with me considering I do not have an IT background! Gave me good advice and resolved my issue quickly once we were able to set up an online meeting. Sergiy provided excellent service! Thanks, Issue was resolved timeously and every effort was made by orbus to resolve my issue. Timely and reasonable response. Thank You. The help Lyle Hearne proved was of great assistance. As a new customer to Orbus the quality of the support is relieving on the accountability and assistance all the support staff have given us these past few weeks. Great service. Anton was patient and got the job done. Awesome lightning fast turnaround. Thank you! Great support and clear instructions. Always an effort put in by Gregor & Jody. Thanks Orbus support. Thanks for the prompt response and excellent service in respect of the upgrade.

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