BPMN in a Tool – From Theory to Practice

Course Description

BPMN is the de facto standard for process modeling, employed by leading organizations in all sectors across the globe. While formal BPMN training and certification provides individuals with a solid theoretical knowledge of the framework, recently certified practitioners have found themselves in a state of limbo; needing to bridge the gap from theory to practice. This course is intended help by providing a practical interpretation and application of BPMN 2, in the context of a business process management system. The tool used will be Orbus Software’s Business & IT Transformation Suite – iServer. Although the course will assume knowledge of BPMN, no prior knowledge or experience working with iServer is required.

Key BPA Team Benefits:

  • Look critically and holistically at BPMN
  • Understand how BPMN concepts translate from theory to practice
  • Practically tailor and apply BPMN to real work, with full tool support

Key Business Benefits:

  • Accelerated time-to-value for the application of BPMN theory to practice in the organization
  • Confidence that the BPM capability has a pragmatic understanding of BPMN and how it can be applied effectively in a tool.
  • Reduced risk to investment expenditure on BPMN training, as participants are provided with pragmatic, useful applications from the get-go

Course Info

Course Duration
1 day

Course Format
In-person Interactive Workshop; collaborative.

Awareness and basic proficiency in BPMN

Course Duration
iServer knowledge is beneficial but not required

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