Course Description

ArchiMate is an open and independent Enterprise Architecture (EA) modeling language that provides concepts to support the description, analysis and visualization of relationships within and across different architecture domains. The standard is managed by The Open Group and provides a valuable body of knowledge, which helps architects and analysts build a solid EA practice. ArchiMate 3 was released in 2016 as a replacement for the previous version, ArchiMate 2.1, and this latest version of the standard provides a modern and expressive way to visualize and analyze EA. The standard includes:

  • A full ‘language’, and graphical notation for expressing EA concepts
  • A framework for arranging these concepts
  • A number of suggested visualizations pertaining to different purposes and stakeholders

This course is intended to provide a “quick-start” full-day workshop on the implementation of the ArchiMate standard in iServer. The course is designed to enable a practical view of the standard, allowing users to quickly connect ArchiMate theory/training with hands-on modeling in iServer.

Course Info

Implementing ArchiMate in iServer

Course Duration: 1 day

Course Format
In-person Interactive Workshop; collaborative.

Completion of ArchiMate 3 Training/Certification

Course Duration
iServer knowledge is beneficial but not required

Key EA Team Benefits:

  • Know how ArchiMate concepts translate from theory to practice
  • A “quick start” to modeling enterprise architecture in iServer using ArchiMate
  • An EA team ‘primer’ for deciding how ArchiMate should be tailored for the organization, and other best-practice considerations

Key Business Benefits:

  • Accelerated time-to-value for the application of ArchiMate theory to practice in the organization
  • Reduced risk to investment expenditure on ArchiMate training, as participants are prepared to “hit the ground running” with ArchiMate usage in iServer

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Steep learning curve for immature EA programs, but a great tool if you invest the time

Great pre-sales review of the product and functionality. Installation was simple and straightforward. Included training modules were helpful. Ramp up time for basic functionality was short, but more complex features and functions took a while to figure out, even with instructor-led training. Use of Office tools made the learning curve a little easier to manage.

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