Course Description

This course provides an overview of Orbus Software’s Business and IT transformation tool, iServer, and its use in creating architectural roadmaps for the various enterprise architecture domains. It provides the foundational knowledge required to understand the purpose of architectural roadmaps, and how they can be created with iServer and socialized within organizations.

The course covers understanding the fundamentals of roadmaps, the knowledge required to implement roadmaps in iServer, and architectural domain examples. It concludes by providing guidance on socializing the roadmap with the iServer product suite and the options available for customization.

Each module includes a practical exercise, allowing participants to get ‘hands on’ in creating the architectural domains within iServer.

Course Info

Implementing Roadmaps in iServer

Course Duration: 1 day

Course Format
In-person Interactive Workshop; collaborative

Basic working knowledge of iServer; Basic Microsoft Visio Skills

Key EA Team Benefits:

  • Communication and collaboration amongst those contributing to, and consuming, the roadmap
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Identify risks
  • Identify priorities

Key Business Benefits:

  • Enable better resource and budget planning
  • Provide or monitor the strategic direction for other areas of the business to ensure that the organizations strategy is aligned
  • Reduced risk to investment expenditure by understanding the key areas requiring investment
  • Widespread understanding across the business, not just the C-level stakeholders

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Viso Modelling on Steroids.

We reviewed multiple tools to help operationalise our EA and BPM practices, and despite many tools having deep mature products Orbus was well ahead with their tight integration into the Microsoft suite of tools particularly Visio. Given that we did not need to retrain, or even re-do the majority of our artifacts it was a very quick transition into the tool.

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