Course Description

This course provides an overview of Orbus Software’s Strategic Portfolio Management Solution (SPM) and its use in addressing five common scenarios for application portfolio management. It provides the foundational knowledge required to understand the purpose of SPM, and how the solution fits with iServer, related modules and Microsoft Power BI.

The course then turns to its five scenarios, which are:

  1. Establishing application support for strategy
  2. Management of application lifecycle
  3. Management of application cost
  4. Application rationalization
  5. Protection of data

For each scenario, the course applies the same easy-to-follow format. Firstly, an overview of the scenario is provided, including relevant business questions and interested stakeholders. Secondly, a conceptual method for approaching the given scenario is presented with guidance as to what this entails and how it may be undertaken. Thirdly, the required data structure is presented, focusing on the concepts that apply to analysis of the given scenario. Fourthly, a dashboard ‘pathway’ is presented, which presents a sample format for analysis using SPM to address the given scenario. Finally, each module includes a practical exercise, allowing participants to get ‘hands on’ to navigate and analyze a sample dataset using SPM to address a series of short case-study style questions.

Course Info

Strategic Portfolio Management – Five Key Application Analysis Scenarios

Course Duration: 1 day

Course Format
In-person Interactive Workshop; collaborative

iServer knowledge is beneficial but not required

Key EA Team Benefits:

  • Thorough, foundational understanding of the SPM solution
  • Clarity over how to approach five critical application-related scenarios using the product
  • Detailed guidance on required data structures to drive analysis
  • ‘Hit the ground running’ with the SPM solution, with minimal internal training overhead

Key Business Benefits:

  • Expedited time-to-value for the SPM Solution
  • Confidence that the EA Team are engaged and prepared to address the critical questions the business has for IT
  • Confidence that the EA Team will able to present answers in a business friendly way, using SPM

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