Course Description

TOGAF 9 is the foremost enterprise architecture framework, employed by leading organizations in all sectors across the globe. While formal TOGAF training and certification provides individuals with a solid theoretical knowledge of the framework, recently certified TOGAF practitioners have found themselves in a state of limbo; needing to bridge the gap from theory to practice.

This course is designed to help by providing a practical interpretation and application of TOGAF 9, in the context of an enterprise architecture tool. The tool used will be Orbus Software’s Business and IT Transformation Suite – iServer.

Although the course will assume knowledge of TOGAF, no prior knowledge or experience working with iServer is required.

Course Info

TOGAF in a Tool – From Theory to Practice

Course Duration: 1 day

Course Format
In-person Interactive Workshop; collaborative

Completion of TOGAF 9/9.1/9.2 Training or Certification

Course Duration
iServer knowledge is beneficial but not required

Key EA Team Benefits:

  • Look critically and holistically at TOGAF
  • Understand how TOGAF concepts translate from theory to practice
  • Practically tailor and apply TOGAF to real work, with full tool support

Key Business Benefits:

  • Accelerated time-to-value for the application of TOGAF theory to practice in the organization
  • Confidence that the EA capability has a pragmatic understanding of TOGAF and how it can be applied effectively in a tool
  • Reduced risk to investment expenditure on TOGAF training, as participants are provided with pragmatic, useful applications from the get-go

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