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iServer365 for Application Architecture


What is Application Architecture?

A description of the structure and interaction of applications as groups of capabilities that provide key business functions and manage data assets.

Given the unprecedented pace of technological change, Gartner predict that more than 75% of multi-enterprise processes will be implemented as composite applications by 2018.

Traditional businesses are being reinvented overnight, and your organization needs to find a way to respond quickly and effectively to the sudden changes in the landscape. As a discipline, application architecture lays the foundation for agility, scalability and reliability in your application landscape, defining the framework of an organization’s application solutions against business requirements.

Key iServer365 Benefits

  • A central source of truth for application information
  • Enhance application roadmaps
  • Remove the disparate excel spreadsheets that lead to duplication of effort and time wasted to ensure consistency
  • Attribute information sitting behind applications can be leveraged from the repository to provide a plethora of consumable insights to stakeholders, ensuring decisions are made quickly at a glance rather than by trawling through rows upon rows of excel spreadsheets

Out-of-the-Box Visio Templates

Templates include:

  • Application Roadmap Static
  • Similar concept to the Business Architecture
  • Application Roadmap Dynamic
  • Similar concept to the Business Architecture

The dynamic slider functionality leverages start and end dates, which enables organizations to be more proactive in their application consolidation activities.

Organizations want to ensure that all installed applications within their environment are supported by the vendor. Utilizing the start and end dates of the dynamic slider gives the organization more visibility as to when applications are going to go out of support. This enables organizations to be proactive in undertaking risk management and due diligence, ensuring their applications estate remains supported by the vendor. Moreover, work packages and resources are formulated accordingly, so that application consolidation or upgrade activities can take place seamlessly, significantly reducing the risk of firefighting.

An iServer365 visualization showing applications by location and their linkages

A Centralized Single Source of Truth

Gone are the days of disparate excel application roadmaps circling the organization. The ‘Consolidated Application Register as an Application Portfolio Catalogue’ consists of individual objects with full version control, metadata and relationships.

The application catalog, if created as a list view, can be viewed on the Portal by wider stakeholders. Portal contributors can even proceed to edit application attributes, promoting collaboration and the refinement of key application portfolio metadata.