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Drive operational resiliency whilst delivering competitive products and services


Operational Resilience Checklist

Resilience Checklist LP

Meet the Challenges of Operational Resilience


Get prepared for regulatory changes that will demand operations remain resilient at all times


  • iServer365 aligns business and technology practices leading operational resilience efforts
  • Extend resiliency across all stakeholders with iServer365's collaboration and presentation tools
  • Download our operational resilience checklist to ensure you're ready
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Identify and Control Compliance, Regulator and Cybersecurity Requirements

Prevent changing compliance requirements and increasing cybersecurity threats from impacting your business
  • Gain insights into compliance and security risks
  • Assess business impact and prioritize mitigation strategies
  • Communicate potential impacts with business and technical stakeholders

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Enterprise Customers


Years of Experience

4.7 / 5

Gartner Peer Insights Reviews

Investec moves EA to the cloud to simplify application landscape and identify cost savings


Enterprise Customers


Years of Experience

4.7 / 5

Gartner Peer Insights Rating

Yorkshire Building Society Takes Control of Banking Challenges with iServer365

A major US bank has been using iServer to power its enterprise architecture (EA) for 18 months, helping the firm to meet their digital transformation goals

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Success Stories

Our Customers Say

"iServer is a lower cost and fit for purpose EA solution for any organization that wishes to realize value from EA. We evaluated various EA tools on a scale of 1 to 5 based on our defined features criteria that would meet the objective of the EA project being implemented at the bank, and iServer came out on top.”

Samina Rizwan, VP/Senior Manager at United Bank Limited

“It’s been a good experience, a good partnership. The responsiveness of the team, and having access to people, has been great. The support channel is awesome. It really makes the experience easy”

Alton Govender, Enterprise Architect at Investec

"The transition from iServer to iServer 365 has been an easy decision to make and has tremendously helped in exploiting the platform capabilities to provide senior management with valuable insights and information to enable decision making. I would highly recommend iServer 365 as an Enterprise Architecture platform for any organisation in any industry"

Solutions Architect, Financial Industry

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Launch New Products and Services to Market Quicker

Identify new business opportunities, deliver on technology promises and be the first to market with new customer innovations
  • Remain agile to deliver competitive customer offerings
  • Gain insights into new business capability requirements
  • Align people, processes and technology to deliver future digital products

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Deliver First-Class Customer Experiences

Grow your existing customer base and reduce churn by ensuring your customer journey is a smooth and seamless as possible across all digital communications channels
  • Visualise customer journeys and touchpoints
  • Determine how to connect technology and processes from different departments
  • Understand how data is managed across multiple channels

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Address Market Disruption Through Agility

Prepare to address business landscape changes due to competitive challenges, new market entrants and an increase in customer expectations
  • Increase the speed of decision making by creating a single source of truth
  • Use business and technology roadmaps with business capability mapping to eliminate guesswork when pursuing new innovations

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Gartner Recognition for Top Customer-Rated Companies

Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice distinctions recognize vendors and products that are highly rated by their customers.

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