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Capability Details

Inaccurate Data Results in Inaccurate Decision Making

  • Information from iServer365 is used to make business critical decisions around transformation
  • However, if the information is not accurate, decisions will be shut down or produce poor results
  • Ensuring the quality of the information held in iServer365’s repository is kept up-to-date and accurate at all times is essential for effective digital transformation

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Reduce Technology Costs

Exploring the need for Application Rationalization

Reduce Technology Costs

Link ServiceNow with iServer365 to Guarantee Data Quality

  • Keeping the EA repository updated and accurate is a significant process
  • Automating this process eliminates the chances of human error and ensures that your data is accurate
  • Enable application and process rationalization, technology investment, cloud migration, and more without worry


Flexible, Bi-Directional Integration with ServiceNow CMDB

  • Ensure IT asset information is accurate and synchronized across ServiceNow and iServer365
  • Import business applications, software models, hardware models and servers using predefined integrations
  • Create any-to-any mappings between ServiceNow records and iServer365 object types

Internal Lifestyle Phase

Get the Best of Both Worlds with ServiceNow and iServer365

  • Remove the pain of repository maintenance and enable impactful decisions
  • Let each tool play to their strengths and eliminate duplication
  • Don't let data issues increase your risk or prevent cost savings

Off-the-shelf, Self-Service Integrations and Interoperability

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