iServer365: Best practices on ServiceNow Integration

Gain visibility and alignment into your organization’s IT portfolios

Thursday, June 30, 2022
15:00 PM BST

Exclusive Orbinar for iServer365 customers

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Organizations struggle to gain visibility and alignment into their IT portfolios, with EAs and IT Ops Teams often having different views of the world. iServer365 integration with ServiceNow helps organizations get the best of both worlds, with a straightforward and out-of-the-box method of synchronising IT portfolio data between both systems - for a shared understanding of the landscape and better collaboration.

Join Orbus Software Senior Sales Consultant Sean Cleary and iServer365 Product Manager Reda Gadiri as they explore ServiceNow and iServer365 integration, focusing on:

  • Why Integrate with ServiceNow?
  • What are the associated challenges and the expected benefits?
  • What Data to Integrate and How?
  • Live ServiceNow Integration Demo
  • Live Q&A

Guest Speakers


Sean Cleary

Senior Sales Consultant

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Reda Gadiri

iServer365 Product Manager

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