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This COBIT 2019 Foundation certification course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of COBIT 2019’s best practices, tools, and key principles. This includes the various elements that distinguish COBIT 2019 from COBIT 5. 

IT does not exist in a vacuum! Rather, it must be fully optimized to suit the needs of the business it supports, whether in terms of long-term goals, daily functions, or anything else. Moreover, it must also help users to avoid the modern pitfalls associated with non-compliance, which can be disastrous both economically and for customer relations. 

This course will leave students fully prepared to sit and pass the COBIT 2019 Foundation certification exam. This will enable them to move on to higher certification levels, which look more closely at implementing the COBIT 2019 framework. 


This module outlines the features, learning plans, aims, objectives, and structure of the course. Students will be given a glossary, diagram pack, and syllabus, as well as a list of further reading and links they can use to download the necessary COBIT 2019 publications. 

The module will also address many of the most frequently asked questions on COBIT 2019. 

Module 1: COBIT 2019 Framework Introduction
This module offers an introduction to the COBIT framework itself, along with ‘Enterprise Governance of Information Technology (EGIT)’. Students will learn about how COBIT encompasses the various ‘information’ and ‘technology’ elements that help businesses achieve their goals. In particular, students will learn to distinguish information and technology management, while also becoming familiar with the roles that stakeholders play in COBIT architectures. 

Module 2: Governance Principles 
This module examines the two sets of principles on which COBIT is based: those used to create governance systems, and those that refer to a governance system’s core requirements. Students will also look at the nine principles underpinning the COBIT framework. 

Module 3: Governance System and Components 
In this module, students will move on to the governance and management objectives of COBIT 2019 - and how they help users establish and achieve clear results.  

The module also looks at the Core Model’s five domains, along with the seven Governance Components and various basic concepts that fit into every governance and management objective within COBIT. Lastly, it covers the focus areas and design factors of the Goals Cascade. 

Module 4: Governance and Management Objectives 
This module provides an overview of the COBIT Core Model before detailing the purpose statements of the 40 Governance and Management objectives. This will help students understand the relationships between the components in greater detail. 

This module examines the meaning and elements of performance management in relation to various governance system components. Students will also look at concepts like capability levels and maturity, which are used to assess the performance of specific elements. 

Module 6: Designing a Tailored Governance System
This module looks at the new additions to the COBIT framework, including the new design factors used in the design and construction of governance systems. 

Module 7: The COBIT Business Case 
This module gives students a generic and non-prescriptive overview of the ‘COBIT Business Case’. This can be approached in various styles depending on the structure and requirements of a specific COBIT-practitioner organization. 

Students will also be given practical advice for writing, along with two practical example scenarios. 

Module 8: Implementing Enterprise Governance Over IT 
This module looks at the practical steps for implementing a new governance system. This will include a close examination of the COBIT 2019 Implementation Guide as well as the COBIT 2019 Design Guide. 

Module 9: Practice Exam
This course is rounded off with a practice exam that allows learners to experience the conditions of the official COBIT 2019 Foundation examination. Students are encouraged to spend time reviewing previous course content, as well as the revision modules and knowledge checks, before attempting the official exam.  

This course comes complete with a FREE voucher for the COBIT 2019 Foundation examination. The exam itself can be taken online via a cloud-based service provided by APMG International, known as ‘ProctorU’. Learners can contact the Orbus support team to request their vouchers. 

ISACA encourages students to book the exam within six months of completing their training. 

Exam Format 

  • Online proctored exam 
  • 75 questions 
  • 120 minutes (additional time may be provided if English is not your first language) 
  • Closed-book 
  • Pass mark is 65% (at least 49/75 questions correct) 

Please ensure that your device meets the system requirements before booking your exam. You can do so via this online test. Please visit the APMG International website for more information and guidance. 

In the world of IT management, a successful career is driven by an understanding of how IT interacts with the wider needs of a business. COBIT is an extremely well-established name, with the framework having long been an excellent source of knowledge, tools, and best practices on governing IT in this manner. 

This course is an excellent stepping stone for anyone who wishes to further their career in the governance of enterprise IT. This could include IT or IS auditors, information security practitioners, IT managers, or even business managers who wish to improve their knowledge of the modern elements of IT. 

COBIT 2019 is built with several key elements of IT governance in mind. These include popular technology, such as cloud data, as well as widely-used methodologies like DevOps and ITIL 4. Fundamentally, it is intended to be applicable for any IT-wielding organization, regardless of the tools, environment, or priorities that make up its IT operations.  

Whatever kind of setup your business has, COBIT 2019 will allow you to both optimize its value and prepare it to incorporate new methodologies, tools, and best practices in the future.  

Investing in COBIT 2019 online training for employees will enable your enterprise to: 

  • Establish a bespoke framework which fully supports your needs and goals 
  • Align IT with both business strategy and day-to-day operations 
  • Optimize the value generated by IT 
  • Establish a common language for IT management 
  • Guarantee your organization’s compliance with any relevant regulations, such as the GDPR 
  • Greatly improve your level of information security 

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