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The GDPR places the responsibility of data protection in the hands of every individual within an organization. Or, rather, it holds organizations accountable for the actions of every individual they employ.

No longer is data itself protected: the individual, themselves, are protected. That means that anyone handling data becomes responsible for protecting the individual. This includes those working in Sales, IT, HR and so on. It is therefore very important to ensure staff at all levels within an organization are aware of the GDPR regulation. More than that, organizations must show they have taken the necessary steps towards compliance in order to avoid penalties.

This ‘GDPR Awareness’ online course briefs and prepares decision-makers and leaders on the GDPR. All essential knowledge is covered, enabling users to engage in further discussion with specialists and other stakeholders.

The course is accessible on multiple devices, including mobile phones and tablets, giving professionals the chance to study whenever and wherever they need to.

Module 1: Introduction
This module provides an overview of the Data Protection Directive, as well as other advances in technology and consumer rights

Module 2: The Basics
Module two takes a high-level view of the important dates organizations should know, as well as the scope of the GDPR.

Module 3: Personal Data
Module three offers an introduction to personal data and its categories.

Module 4: The Roles
Module four provides an overview of the essential roles demanded by the GDPR

Module 5: GDPR Principles
Module five introduces the six key principles of the GDPR. It also examines how the GDPR defines ‘accountability’.

Module 6: The Data Subject’s Rights
This module explores the rights of the individual, including data access and data erasure.

Module 7: The Lawful Bases for Processing
Module seven provides an overview of the legal responsibilities of organizations as defined by the GDPR.

Module 8: Privacy Notices
The final module introduces the ‘Privacy Notice’ rules of the GDPR.

Each module carries a short assessment that consolidates the topics covered and helps to ensure retention.
Though the course does not carry an official examination, learners receive a certificate of completion on successfully finishing the course.

The legalese of GDPR is translated into transparent and accessible language in the GDPR overview provided in the course. The course also offers practical steps for an organization to become GDPR-compliant.

This short online training course provides professionals with adequate knowledge and skills for keeping their organizations compliant with the GDPR. The EU regulation introduces various duties and roles which must be filled within an organization. The course provides clarity on those different roles, alongside their individual responsibilities.

Holding GDPR training records will help your business demonstrate its compliance with the regulation. If you fail to build the GDPR into your business, your staff may come into conflict with the regulation.

This online training course can help you provide your employees with a fundamental understanding of the regulation. It will ensure they are aware of the ramifications of data misuse. This will help your organization to build a strong data protection culture amongst your employees.


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