Data Portfolio management provides an essential overview of the composition and usage of enterprise data. This provides insight into the risks associated with data, understanding what systems are handling data and how access control is enforced.

iServer’s SPM dashboards provides a set of critical reports on areas within data management, from data steward reports, to CRUD matrices and risk management reports.


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Benefits of Data Portfolio Management

  • Quickly and easily navigate and understand your data portfolio
  • Address questions surrounding the usage and location of confidential or sensitive data
  • Understand how data is processed by systems and Business Processes
  • Understand data ownership & stewardship
  • Get a quick understanding of impacts & dependencies of data with respect to other elements in the architecture, across domains

Data by Location

Understand how PII and other sensitive data is used across geographies

Data by Location

Application & Process CRUD Matrix

Identify which applications and business processes create, read, update and delete data entities

Application & Process CRUD Matrix

Data Classification Overview

Review a overall analysis of enterprise data, its usage, and breakdown by classification

Data Classification Overview

Data Entity Impact

Visualize how a data entity is used, in terms of dependencies on people, process and technology

Data Entity Impact
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