Project Portfolio Management (PPM) initiatives aim to evaluate which projects to pursue, how they contribute to the enterprise strategic goals, and how they fit in with the rest of the portfolio.

iServer's SPM dashboards provide unprecedented insight into the health of your Project Portfolio, enabling you to visualize the project landscape, track portfolio performance against strategic goals, investigate issues and make the right decisions first time.


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Benefits of Project Portfolio Management

  • Quickly understand the portfolio of Projects and key details such as status and timelines
  • Understand how Projects support Business Capabilities and strategy
  • See how Project costs break down, and how costs roll-up for different areas of the business
  • Easily navigate Project Requirements
  • Understand the impacts & dependencies for Projects with respect to other elements in the architecture, across domains

Project Catalog

Browse the dynamic project catalog and understand key details, such as timelines and ownership

Project Catalog

Project Cost overview

Review an overall picture of project costs and the relationship of costs to business strategy

Project Cost overview

Project Gantt chart

Visualize projects on a dynamic Gantt chart and understand how projects support business capabilities

Project Gantt chart

Project Impact

Visualize the impacts from a particular project on other elements in the architecture

Project Impact
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Implementation, configuration and use of iServer met all expectations.

Orbus has worked with Deloitte US and Deloitte member firms globally to position iServer as our go-to market architecture tool.

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